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printed on wood

Uniquely printed on sustainable maple/birchwood + ready to hang

greeting cards

Make a statement, leave an impression


tops, bandanas + hats


Art : Travel : Compassion

RATIO is a curated marketplace that supports both photographers and global communities through our visual vibes—we give back 15% of each printed wood purchase to the artist and 15% to a charitable organization in the photograph’s origin country.



Personal : Unique : Impactful

Each RATIO visual vibe has a story behind it. We encourage you add a story of your own by customizing your visual vibe with a personal thought, message or memory on the back of your one of a kind piece. You will create an heirloom that lives on while giving back to an incredible cause.


We Love Our Global Community

Where will your visual vibe land?

Where to Find Us

Look for RATIO in these lovely spaces and pop-up places.






The Tiny Finch
302 Pearl Pkwy Ste. 116
San Antonio, Texas 78215