RATIO is a social enterprise and lifestyle brand on a mission to create inspiring artwork. We sell travel photography that is unique, functional and sustainable then donate the profit to a charitable organization within the country the photograph was captured. 

RATIO began in order to create diverse and mindful artwork for people who believe in the collective consciousness. I love exploring different cultures, connecting design with photos and putting positive energy into the universe. It’s how I show that travel teaches compassion and that we are all connected.

The name RATIO comes from the notion of a 1:1 ratio: we are all made from the same ‘stuff’, all breathe the same air, and all strive for happiness. Although we live very different lives, when we can see the world through compassion we can understand that we are not that different. This lends to a more collective and empathetic point of view, and leads to the growth of our global community.

Each time I capture an image, either internationally and domestically, I get to take something from the community; I take lessons, I take memories and I take a new way of seeing life. Therefore, I want to give back to these places that have given me so much. I am happy to say that RATIO donates the profit back to a charitable organization within the country where the photograph was captured - completing the 1:1 ratio.