Fundación Casa Alianza México

RATIO is a social enterprise that gives back by supporting the communities where our images were captured. We are proud to announce that this year 15% of the profits from our visual vibes captured in Mexico will go to Casa Alianza Mexico.

Their mission to protect and care for children and adolescents in situations of social abandonment, until they are ready to reintegrate into society in a self-sufficient and functional way, aligns with RATIO’s own mission to support education and human rights.

We partner with non-profits that focus on either education or human rights because no matter where in the community a photograph was taken, education and human rights are fundamental to developing the greater good of our global community.

Since 1988 Casa Alianza Mexico has provided care and protection for boys and girls who have experienced extraordinary trauma, including abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, addiction to harmful substances, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The rising tide of violence and instability in Mexico over the recent years has made their work even more urgent as has the ongoing influx of unaccompanied migrant children from Central America into Mexico.

Programs at Casa Alianza Mexico include small homes in distinct locations in Mexico City that house up to 132 children and teens per night and a separate home for up to 30 teen moms and their babies. They also have a fully developed family reintegration and Independent Life Program that prepares youth for life after Casa Alianza.

Thus 15% of each purchase of a RATIO visual vibe taken in Mexico goes to Casa Alianza Mexico to support their residential care facilities, vocational training program, as well as their toll-free 24/7 youth counseling hotline Acercatel and advocacy programs.

To learn more about all the good they are doing visit for more information (in English), or visit their website at and on Facebook @FundacionCasaAlianza (in Spanish).



Meet the creator of our newest RATIO tees, graphic designer and lover of everything colorful Sarah Cooper. Her eye for visuals that pop shines loud and clear in her design for the “Love Your Messy Life” shirts. The collaboration was an exciting opportunity for RATIO as we continue bring to bring partner photographers, artists and designers onto our platform and global community.

Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper

A little about Sarah:

“I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas and moved to San Antonio in 2010 to pursue degrees in communication and art at Trinity University. Art, particularly photography and painting, has always been a huge part of my life, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into what I do for a living once I started college. I took watercolor classes every week for 13 years, and I’ve been doing photography for 6. Both experiences lead me to a graphic design career, and I couldn’t be happier with the fact that I get to create daily. I currently work full time as an in-house designer for a company here in San Antonio, and I spend my free time doing freelance graphic design, photography, and illustration.”

Her current projects:

“I’m currently working on a photographic series that uses a minimal, colorful, and quirky/whimsical aesthetic to create a visual diary of sorts. I started this series my senior year of college because I am very much in love with the idea of memory, but it used to be done in small watercolor illustrations. A little over a year ago, I translated the same idea into photography and began to document it on instagram. I use my instagram as a visual journal, and post one image a day that presents an image relating to a memory, thought, or random inspiration from that particular day. The subject matter can range from anything really ordinary like a shake I had that day to something random like toys on toast - all while keeping the same aesthetic. I create these photographs to give viewers a look at how I see the world.”

The inspiration behind the new tees’ design:

“This design was a collaboration between [RATIO Founder]  Morgan and me. She wanted to create something with the phrase “Love Your Messy Life,” and she let me run with the design. Going off of the phrase, I wanted to incorporate the aesthetic of RATIO with my own style, so I made a messy tangle of hair like shapes (my “signature” pattern design that I use in all of my personal branding) mixed with natural elements like vines and flowers. We colored in the flowers using photographs of natural elements from around the world that Morgan and I took.”

RATIO apparel

Th travel experiences that Sarah is bringing to RATIO’s global community:

“Quite honestly, and unfortunately, I haven’t traveled that many places outside of my state before. I’m beginning to slowly check other states off of my list, but I have a long bucket list of places I can’t wait to explore. If I had to choose one of the places I’ve traveled, I’d pick Seattle as a favorite. It was so different from the landscape, weather, and city culture that I’m used to here in San Antonio, and I absolutely loved it. My ultimate dream destinations are New Zealand and pretty much all of Europe."

Sarah's photo taken in Seattle.

Sarah's photo taken in Seattle.

Sarah’s thoughts on traveling somewhere new for the first time:

"I always have an overwhelming sense of excitement, and I need to explore as much as I can. Taking photos is always one of my main activities when I travel; I need to document as much as I can so I can share my memories and experiences with others and look back on them in the future."

Follow Sarah on Instagram @SaraheCooperr or visit her website for more of her work. The fun colors and whimsical themes are going to leave you feeling positive and proud about your beautiful messy life.


55th Annual Starving Artist Art Show

RATIO is excited to once again participate in San Antonio’s Starving Artist Art Show in La Villita Historic Arts Village. Situated alongside the famous San Antonio river, the 55th Annual Starving Artist Art Show will again be feeding the hungry through art.

The show is an obvious fit for RATIO’s mission of giving back through our art-based social enterprise. Ten percent of all sales at the show go towards a food pantry run by “The Little Church of La Villita”. The church has been providing meals and assistance to the Alamo City community for over 50 years, with a significant source of that aid being made possible by the annual art show’s revenue.

As always, a portion of the profit from RATIO’s travel photography will be given back to a charitable organization within the country each image was captured.

Spanish for “little village,” La Villita was home to one of San Antonio’s first neighborhoods over two centuries ago. Touching on all of RATIO’s three pillars of art, travel and education, La Villita Historic Arts Village also serves as “center for teaching regional arts and crafts.”  


While the show is an ideal time to support local San Antonio artists, participants travel from all over the country to take part in the annual event.

This year RATIO will carry a wide range of visual vibes at the show, from our new greeting cards to our larger pieces printed on sustainable birch wood and canvas. We will also have some items you can only get at our pop-ups such as large engineer prints and apparel.


It’s a great opportunity to see our visual vibes in person, while supporting good causes and spending time in one of San Antonio’s most picturesque historic districts.

April 1st & 2nd 2017 - 10 am - 6 pm
Find RATIO at Booth #122
La Villita Historic Arts Village
418 Villita St, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Get more details + directions here.

Hannah Lynn

Hannah Lynn


“Like I can’t stop smiling.”
“I feel like I’m a beginner again, like I’m someone new.”
“Grateful for new experiences and a chance to relax.”
“Renewed and refreshed.”
“When I travel I feel free, and alive and like I can be anyone I choose to be.”
“Like an explorer.”
“Alive! The Earth is an amazing place.”
We decided to take an interactive approach at SATX Made during San Antonio Startup Week by asking people "How do you feel when you travel somewhere new for the first time?" This video shows some of those thoughts and feelings.

Yesterday marked the end of San Antonio Startup Week, but the new relationships and revelations Team RATIO was able to form are here to stay. When we were invited to participate in the ‘SATX Made’ Expo, we took a moment to brainstorm about how we could best use that time to communicate RATIO’s cornerstones of Art, Travel and Education to the crowd wandering in and out. And then the idea came.

“How do you feel when you travel somewhere new?”

We considered other questions, but kept coming back to this one. We loved how it takes something global and puts it on such a personal and meaningful level - while simultaneously sharing it back with the world again.

It’s a magical balance to feel like a part of a community while also being able to share your individual voice. We hope RATIO continues to bring those unique individual voices and experiences to our platform to then be shared across the globe.




Through two interconnected approaches, RATIO was founded to create diverse and mindful artwork for people who believe in the collective consciousness.

RATIO seeks to gain exposure for photographers while also giving back to the communities where they capture their images. We are so grateful that RATIO was able to accomplish both aspects of our mission in our first year of business through the support we received from every person that took home a RATIO visual vibe from one of our pop-ups or the online marketplace. RATIO’s goal of connecting with photographers was accomplished through our #RATIOstories contest. The contest allowed us to invite our first partner photographer to the RATIO platform alongside founder Morgan Whitney. Even more rewarding for RATIO was the ability to contribute to our five charitable partners in the countries where our visual vibes were captured - Nepal, Laos, Peru, USA and Mexico.

To start off the New Year with good news and good intention, we want to share how each organization will put the donations achieved through RATIO’s visual vibes to good use.


Golden Boudhanath Stupa | Kathmandu, Nepal
11x14 printed directly on 3/4’’ birchwood, UV coating
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA, $55

Our partner in Nepal, Search For Common Ground, works to build sustainable peace, embracing resolutions to conflict that prevent resorting to violence. In Nepal, SFCG especially works towards opening dialogue between the police and citizens of the country as way to find common ground.


Patuxai Victory Monument | Vientiane,  Laos 
11x14 printed directly on 3/4’’ birchwood, UV coating
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA, $55

World Education Laos provides inclusive education for those that are often denied one - girls and those with disabilities, while also supporting entrepreneurial women in that country.

After sending our gift to World Education, they reminded us “Our success is your success. Thank you for taking the journey with us.” That sentiment is not just meant for RATIO, but everyone that has supported us in our journey.


breathe in | breathe out | Amazon rainforest, Peru
11x14 printed directly on 3/4’’ birchwood, UV coating
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA, $55

RATIO founder Morgan Whitney is proud to be a part of the “Artists for the Amazon” team that supports The Amazon Foundation in Peru. RATIO’s contribution to Amazon Aid Foundation this year will help reforest Amazonia, “one tree at a time” by symbolically planting a tree. We encourage you to learn more about the journey of an Amazon Aid Foundation seedling here.


Ford with Flowers | Hill Country, Texas, USA
5x7 printed directly on 1/8" birchwood, UV coating, stand included
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA

This year RATIO was able to support both the Boys and Girl Club of America nationally as well as the local chapter in RATIO’s base city, San Antonio. The winner of our #RATIOstories contest, Ambreen Tariq, captured her winning visual vibe in the USA, meaning any purchases of her piece Arches supports BGCA as well.

In regards to our donation BGCA wrote, "You are providing a safe place for kids to learn and grow. You’re protecting children and teens after school and providing educational activities, positive role models, homework help and more. You are changing and saving the lives of children. And we’re so grateful. Thank you for ending the year with a positive action.”

We agree, positive action is the best way to start (and end) the year.


Seek Balance | Cholula, Mexico 
6x6 printed directly on 3/4’’ birchwood, UV coating
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA

Our charitable partner in Mexico, Agros, chose to explain the impact of RATIO’s donation in an intimate way. They shared a story about the real people who are benefited by their work:

"Even though Karen and Alejandro of La Bendición have had a life of desolation, they are full of hope. Before becoming part of the La Bendición community, they were barely making ends meet. They and their three children had no future.
But not anymore.
Your generous gift is helping rural poor families like Karen and Alejandro's realize their dreams of a bright future.
When we spoke to Karen and Alejandro in June, they talked about how their lives had changed since coming to La Bendición: they are able to send their children to school, live in a supportive community, put money toward enterprise, and have a dignified home.
This is what Agros represents, and this is what your gift supports: a better life now and a better life in the future. When you invest in Agros, you invest in people. You invest in their ability to work hard and lift themselves out of poverty.
So, what does your gift look like in action?
Building a school that will provide education for a new generation of dreamers. Starting a community bank that will allow community members to loan and save money. Providing infrastructure like roads and irrigation systems that will make the community livable and sustainable. Contributing to health partnerships that will bring quality health care to communities.
All of these things might seem simple, but they are powerful. They represent hope, opportunity, and the chance for a better life. That is what your gift provides.
Thank you. We, and the families you support, are thankful for you and your gift. You saw a need, you did something about it, and thanks to your gift, dreamers can become doers.
Help start a Givalanche of good.

Thank you to everyone who was part of  RATIO’s mission this year. If you’re feeling inspired to be a part of our “givalanche,” check out our “Donate” page to find out how RATIO will thank you when you choose to donate through us.