RATIO : A Labor of Love

After three years of a thrilling adventure, we have decided to take a step back in 2019 to reflect and rework RATIO.

These past years have given us the opportunity to invest in the community and now we are excited to take some time to digest all the information shared through those connections.

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morgan weidingerComment

We’re excited to introduce the the designer behind RATIO’s latest limited edition apparel, Agostina Ele. Originally from Argentina, Agostina moved to the States when she was ten years old. Today Agostina owns + runs Valiente Goods Co. in Columbus, OH while also working as a freelance illustrator.

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Hannah LynnComment
Get Closer by Going Farther Away

"Are you Greek?" Nope. "Is he Greek?" Nope. "Then why are you going to Greece to get married?"

It may seem a little odd, but the reason to us is very clear. We want to start our marriage off on an adventure.

The first time I ever traveled with Jim out of the country was about 3 years into our relationship. With traveling being such a strong passion of mine, I was terrified that this trip could be a disaster and then what would I do?

But if we let all the what if’s of life stop us then we’d never leave bed in the morning...

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We Love Mom + Dad

Gift a RATIO visual vibe this year and make an impact.

Each RATIO visual vibe has a story behind it. We encourage you add a story of your own by customizing your piece with a personal thought, message or memory. You will create an heirloom that lives on while giving back to an incredible cause.

Our visual vibes are a lasting way to thank the hard working women and men in your life while giving back.

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Curiosity and wonder - a state of mind that as children we are in a constant state of being. We are aware. As we grow we begin to loose touch with this natural state because we can predict patterns, we find ourselves overwhelmed with responsibilities and frankly "life happens". We take our most powerful tool, our imaginations, and we use it to create worry, limiting beliefs, what if's. Remember as a child when you used your imagination to play and to dream without limitations? When did that stop?

More importantly, how do we get it back?

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Amazon Aid Foundation

RATIO is proud to announce that this year, 15% of the profits from our visual vibes captured in Peru will go to Amazon Aid Foundation (AAF). Based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, Amazon Aid Foundation works to educate and empower people to protect the Amazon through art, science, and multimedia.

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Art as Wedding Decor

Add color to your wedding day with visual vibes that not only look beautiful as unique wedding decor, but also as heirlooms displayed in your home long after the festivities. The backs of RATIO’s 5x7 visual vibes serve as the perfect place to record sentiments about the big day.

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Fundación Casa Alianza México

RATIO is a social enterprise that gives back by supporting the communities where our images were captured. We are proud to announce that this year 15% of the profits from our visual vibes captured in Mexico will go to Casa Alianza Mexico.

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“How do you feel when you travel somewhere new?”