The best part of our #RATIOstories contest was how it allowed us to travel the globe with just a hashtag as our guide. Raluca Coada aka @27firefly brought us into the mountains of Romania with her image of a path in misty Transfăgărășan. The scene complete with the caption “move forward” perfectly captures the way Raluca describes herself, “I'm a surrealist seeker and an inquiring idealist in everything I do.”

Raluca's winning image for #RATIOstories

Based out of Bucharest, Romania, Raluca loves to wander the diverse city she has called home for 7 years. Her Instagram account @27firefly highlights several of the projects she is involved in like @photosoftheground which encourages people to “inspire others to stand where we stand” as well as @citinerary_bucharest, where Raluca is correspondent. Their mission is simple. “We talk about Bucharest: its citizens, city life & culture. Part of an international network of cities.”

Citinerary’s platform allows you to learn about cities all over the world from passionate locals that are excited share their story with you. The more we learned about Raluca, the more obvious it became that she has similar values and goals as RATIO. Some of her work for Citinerary: A City Made by People can be found here. If you dig around the site long enough, you will also stumble upon some gorgeous selfies of Raluca. In fact, you’ll find that on her Insta account as well. After all, according to Citinerary “we know Raluca loves the selfies!”

Raluca Coada

For more of Raluca’s dreamy photography and goals-worthy selfies visit @firefly27