We’re excited to introduce the the designer behind RATIO’s latest limited edition apparel, Agostina Ele. Originally from Argentina, Agostina moved to the States when she was ten years old. Today Agostina owns + runs Valiente Goods Co. in Columbus, OH while also working as a freelance illustrator.

Agostina Ele at her shop  Valiente Goods  in Columbus, Ohio.

Agostina Ele at her shop Valiente Goods in Columbus, Ohio.

| Straight from the source | about Agostina:

I grew up in a family of artists and entrepreneurs so I knew from a young age that I would probably end up working for myself in a creative field. I went to school at Savannah College of Art and Design where I got a degree in textile design. I have worked both in the manufacturing world and also in the design side for companies like National Geographic and Abercrombie & Fitch. I currently do freelance illustration, and my primary focus is in diversity, inclusion and the female form.

My main passion is traveling, so I created a job for myself that includes lots of miles around the world.

In 2015 I opened Valiente Goods, a store that specializes in ethically sourced soft goods for the home. I source either by traveling and meeting with artisans all over the world, or by supporting fair trade organizations that share my values. In my free time I do freelance illustration, which is how I got involved with RATIO.

All of Us


Agostina’s inspiration behind the design: All of Us

The theme for this tee was “All of Us”. I started thinking about that common denominator that connects all people which is nature and humanity.

No matter who you are, what ethnicity or background you come from, you are human and you share that with every other person on this earth.  

As an avid traveler, we had to ask Agostina: “How do you feel when you travel someplace new?”

Nervous and excited. I love going places that are very different from where I live.

I love feeling culture shocked and having to learn new ways of communicating, traveling, living.

Tasting new foods, meeting people who live their lives differently than me is what I love most about travel.

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Find more of Agonstina's illustration at agostinaele.tumblr.com or follow her on Instagram @agostinaillu.

To stay up to date with Valiente Goods Co. visit valientegoods.com + @valientegoods on Instagram.

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