Art as Wedding Decor

Can you spot the visual vibes above?

Add color to your wedding day with visual vibes that not only look beautiful as unique wedding decor, but also as heirlooms displayed in your home long after the festivities.

I hope you have a great marriage
— The Bride's Younger Sister

The backs of RATIO’s 5x7 visual vibes serve as the perfect place to record sentiments about the big day. You’ll not only be commemorating the moment to revisit yourself, but you’ll also be preserving a piece of family history that will be passed down as an heirloom to loved ones through the generations.

I will always be here if you ever need me. I do love you to the moon and back.
— Mother of the Bride

In the past we’ve shared ideas on how to personalize your visual vibe with a favorite memory, poem, recipe, anniversary note, well wishes or words of gratitude. Last month, four RATIO visual vibes traveled to The Ozark Mountains to decorate the cake and guestbook tables of at wedding, in lieu of decorating with a traditional cake-topper.


Three of the visual vibes featured a photograph of the moon taken in Oaxaca, Mexico. As a custom piece we added the phrase “I Love You to the Moon and Back” to fit with the groom’s space-themed cupcakes.

The bride’s mother and sisters each recorded a personal message for the newlyweds on the back the three “I Love You to the Moon and Back” visual vibes that were placed throughout the wedding venue.

It’s your wedding day,
It’s your wedding day,
I wish I knew the lyrics,
To it’s your wedding day
— The Bride's Older Sister

The older sister of the bride took a lighthearted approach by writing lyrics from a song unexpectedly sang by the pianist at her own wedding as the guests in the pews did their best not to laugh.

The fourth visual vibe, “Get Lost,” was chosen by the bride to match the venue’s wildflowers, and now preserves an affectionate note written for her by the groom.

Check out the vibrant detail of  "Get Lost"  on our hand-designed greeting card.

Check out the vibrant detail of "Get Lost" on our hand-designed greeting card.

RATIO’s 5x7 visual vibes are a unique way to brighten a wedding day and newlyweds’ home for years to come. As a bonus that memory is also tied to the gift of giving back as 15% of the profit is donated to a charity within the photograph’s country of origin.

We like to think of it as the gift of love that keeps on loving.

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