BEHIND THE SCENES: Making Photo Blocks

RATIO has teamed up with local artist and entrepreneur, Max Woodward, to create our newest handmade, one of a kind pieces. Introducing, drumroll please, photo blocks. 

We spent a day with Max at his wood shop, Woodward Lumber, which also serves as San Antonio's only hostel on the second level, to create a new way to display imagery using reclaimed wood. 

Max makes all of his handmade furniture from reclaimed wood creating pieces that have both heart and incredible craftsmanship. We are thrilled about this new partnership and can't wait to share these new pieces with you. Here is a behind the scenes look at the creating of our new photo blocks at Woodward Lumber

Along with holding 3-5 prints these photo blocks also make great business card holders or anything else that is worthy of a beautiful display. 

You can find these photo blocks at our local shows, but we welcome email inquiries ( for those out of town.

Prices start at $30.00.
5x5 prints are also available for purchase. 

Types of wood from left to right: Mesquite, Pecan, Walnut, and Pear

Morgan creator of RATIO

creator of RATIO