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Get Closer by Going Farther Away

"Are you Greek?" Nope. "Is he Greek?" Nope. "Then why are you going to Greece to get married?"

It may seem a little odd, but the reason to us is very clear. We want to start our marriage off on an adventure.

The first time I ever traveled with Jim out of the country was about 3 years into our relationship. With traveling being such a strong passion of mine, I was terrified that this trip could be a disaster and then what would I do?

But if we let all the what if’s of life stop us then we’d never leave bed in the morning...

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Amazon Aid Foundation

RATIO is proud to announce that this year, 15% of the profits from our visual vibes captured in Peru will go to Amazon Aid Foundation (AAF). Based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, Amazon Aid Foundation works to educate and empower people to protect the Amazon through art, science, and multimedia.

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“How do you feel when you travel somewhere new?”