Get Closer by Going Farther Away

"Are you Greek?" Nope. "Is he Greek?" Nope. "Then why are you going to Greece to get married?"

It may seem a little odd, but the reason to us is very clear. We want to start our marriage off on an adventure.


The first time I ever traveled with Jim out of the country was about 3 years into our relationship. With traveling being such a strong passion of mine, I was terrified that this trip could be a disaster and then what would I do?

But if we let all the what if’s of life stop us then we’d never leave bed in the morning

But if we let all the what if’s of life stop us then we’d never leave bed in the morning so we were off to Lima, Cuzco and Puerto Maldonado Peru. Beyond the stories I made up in my head about all the unknown possibilities, here is what actually happened:

Together, for the first time we ate alpaca. I took a tiny bite, he ate the entire plate. I was not into it, but I tried. He was way more curious about it, which was an awesome discovery since at home he is more of a ranch and hot sauce kind of guy.

Together, for the first time we climbed La Montana to the very top where we sat in the clouds and saw Machu Picchu with the birds. I got sick right before we hiked up and Jim took as many breaks along with carrying my backpack at times to try and make this vertical hike easier on my body.


Together, for the first time we explored the Amazon Rainforest. We saw trees that walked and piranhas jumped in our boats. We befriended a local Shaman and people from all over the world in one of the most alive places on earth. We woke up in our three-walled room watching monkeys swinging from the limbs of the trees, listening to the calls of animals deep in the forest, feeling the immense amount moisture in the air on our skin, and tasting + smelling our breakfast which had been gathered just steps away from where we sat.

So here we are 3 years later and ready to go into a new experience together once again. Traveling with someone is one of the most meaningful ways to truly connect with that person. Every physical step is a new one which brings you back to that childlike nature that is in all of us.

Traveling somewhere new makes you vulnerable, aware and curious.

Traveling somewhere new makes you vulnerable, aware and curious. You have to find new ways to communicate with both cultural and language barriers. You get to ask questions that you never even knew you wanted to know the answers to. You find opportunities to let compassion be the resolution rather than thinking you know something. All of these ways of being can be a mirror to your relationship, a way for practicing how you want to be for yourself and one another in a different way.

So although we may not be Greek, we are thrilled to swim in the Aegean Sea, explore where Zeus was born, and eat creatures from the sea I have yet to know exist. And together, for the first time, face new challenges, soak in the wonder that is Greek Mythology and appreciate this life.

Check out some of our favorite visual vibes captured in Peru: