“Like I can’t stop smiling.”
“I feel like I’m a beginner again, like I’m someone new.”
“Grateful for new experiences and a chance to relax.”
“Renewed and refreshed.”
“When I travel I feel free, and alive and like I can be anyone I choose to be.”
“Like an explorer.”
“Alive! The Earth is an amazing place.”
We decided to take an interactive approach at SATX Made during San Antonio Startup Week by asking people "How do you feel when you travel somewhere new for the first time?" This video shows some of those thoughts and feelings.

Yesterday marked the end of San Antonio Startup Week, but the new relationships and revelations Team RATIO was able to form are here to stay. When we were invited to participate in the ‘SATX Made’ Expo, we took a moment to brainstorm about how we could best use that time to communicate RATIO’s cornerstones of Art, Travel and Education to the crowd wandering in and out. And then the idea came.

“How do you feel when you travel somewhere new?”

We considered other questions, but kept coming back to this one. We loved how it takes something global and puts it on such a personal and meaningful level - while simultaneously sharing it back with the world again.

It’s a magical balance to feel like a part of a community while also being able to share your individual voice. We hope RATIO continues to bring those unique individual voices and experiences to our platform to then be shared across the globe.