Meet Susan Houmes. This LA based, traveling obsessed, creative designer was one of our #RATIOstories Instagram winners!

“And when I say obsessed I don't mean I take a trip every few years to get the travel bug out, I mean I legit have anxiety when I'm in the same place for too long.”
Susan in Bali

Susan in Bali

So, to take care of that anxiety Susan hits the road. 

“Traveling became an addiction for me when I was 15 years of age. This was the first time I was old enough to remember what it was like to be immersed in a different culture in a completely foreign country. Ever since then, I have been to 13 different countries, lived in Italy for several months, traveled to new cities, attractions, etc. Every weekend I continue to explore even when that means a weekend trip to a nearby city.”

We also asked Susan why she thinks the three main concepts behind RATIO, art, education and travel, are so important in life. Her answers:

“Education is important because while you’re in school you get a feel of a mix of majors and it allows you to attach to a niche you are passionate about. 
Outside of my travel obsession and travel goals, I'm a creative designer in the event industry in Los Angeles. Art has always been a big part of my life since I was a child.  
Travel is important because it makes you realize how much you have in everyday life. It makes you appreciate the little things.”

Here is a little more on Susan’s winning image:

Cinque Terre

“This picture was taken September of 2015, I was living in Torino, Italy at the time. I had taken a leap of faith and quit my job, ended my apartment lease, and moved to Italy to pursue a few internship opportunities that came up abroad. 70 Americans were in the same program as me and I moved in with 3 of them. A group of 10 of us took a bus to Cinque Terre and explored here for a while. It was 95 degrees out and instead of going by the water and having drinks we wanted to take this hike for this view. I remember going up billions of stairs, laughing, complaining, stopping at the lemon chello stands for shots thinking this hike was never going to end. Well hours later - then we got to the top and there was this view. It was this exact moment when I realized NOTHING ever in life will be as valuable as these magical, memorable moments.”

So, where will you find Susan next? She has her eyes set on Australia. When she was in Bali she met many Australians who influenced her to find her next big adventure down under. Susan finds these relationships she makes while traveling invaluable. 

“I have a WhatsApp group chat with a group of 10 people I met abroad. We all live on different parts of the globe now, and we yet to go ONE day without talking since we've left in December 2015.”

You can see photos from her reunion with her WhatsApp friends along with more adventures Susan posts on Instagram @SusanHoumes and Twitter @SusanHoumes 

Morgan  creator of   RATIO

creator of RATIO