Visual Stories and Written Thoughts

At RATIO we love celebrating the combined power of a striking image and meaningful words to tell a story.


On the back of each RATIO 11x14 (and larger) visual vibe you will find a certificate that tells the story of where that image was captured along with a caption of the photograph from the photographer's point of view. However, behind that is a blank card for you to tell your story - a place to document what that image means to you in that particular moment.

Is it love note for your partner in crime, a bit about your first holiday together, a commemorative note on your new home?

One of our favorite ideas is adding a new memory to the card each anniversary to document life through the years. Not only does this commemorate the moment in your life, but creates a history that can be passed down like an heirloom to loved ones on a special day like graduation or marriage.

And while the blank cards are on the back of our 11x14 visual vibes were created with this purpose in mind, the back of any visual vibe down to the 5x7 wooden pieces serve as the perfect place to commemorate your story and make each image one of a kind.

Not sure how to personalize the visual vibe for yourself or another? We have some ideas:

A note about your first holiday in the new apartment or city

Your grandma’s favorite verse

Your dad’s favorite song lyrics

Your sister’s signature recipe

Baby’s footprints

Fluffy’s pawprints

Your first address

Memories of a special vacation

Each family member’s favorite moment of the year

Your hopes for the next year

Best wishes for the happy couple, graduate, or new job

Words of gratitude about your friendship

Big accomplishments of the previous year

A thank you note

A favorite quote

A note of inspiration

What special moment would like to revisit? What memento do you want to share? What’s your story?