*Limited Edition Frame * CRAZY SALE! : 8x10

*Limited Edition Frame * CRAZY SALE! : 8x10

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Veracruz, Mexico
Photographer: Morgan Whitney

After living in Cholula, Mexico for a few months, I came across these boats while exploring on my first day in Veracruz. I quickly realized that it wasn’t just inland that residents choose to mark directly on an object to which they are referring to. In the United States, we usually use signage that can easily be removed or changed, and as someone who studied Visual Communications, I find it interesting that it is not the same in Mexico. I still continue to wonder why: is this due to cost? Does it provide permanence, or just the opposite, knowing they can paint over it at any time? Do they not care about labels as much as we do? Do they enjoy the color and history that is given to an object by writing directly on it?


8 x 10 canvas print
11 x 13 whitewashed barn wood frame (frame is 1 3/4”)
developed, printed and handcrafted in the USA

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