A little on Francesca Wagner


What visual vibe draws you in the most?

I am always drawn to “Seek Balance”. I always have preached this in my life and to others in my life that balance in your personal and professional life is super important. However, I just recently read a book that surprisingly my Marketing Director at my professional job gave to me called “Off Balance” By Matthew Kelly. He talks about balance is not what we want but satisfaction in all areas of life is what matters most.

So after reading the book I interpreted as balance is the “big picture” and satisfaction is the “end-result”. So I guess maybe on the back of the piece I would write out the word “Satisfaction”. Or maybe a stolen lyric from Mick Jagger’s famous song as a reminder ;)

Describe a moment you felt forever changed while traveling?

There are many stories and moments that just one is quite hard to pick, but I guess the one that surprised me the most was when I was in the Aran Islands in Ireland. Which if you don’t know Ireland there are a lot of tourist areas and cliffs which makes a lot of sense. I was with one of my best friends and who is by far the most dare devilish person when it comes to traveling.

I guess you can call me a “worst case scenario” thinker. If you don’t know Ireland’s weather very well – it is quite windy all the time. Not sure what came over me that day? Hungover? Total optimism? Adrenaline? But I thought it was a good idea to crawl to the edge of the cliff and look over the edge while my dare devilish BFF kept calling me crazy stupid the entire time! 

That was probably one of my top favorite moments of traveling. It allowed me to prove that A) I wasn’t chicken shit B) I’m braver than I think C) That maybe you have to flirt with that line of insanity.