A little on Jason Majewski

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"How do you feel when you travel somewhere new?"

Energized. Alive. Curious. Connected. A better person.

I can say for certain that one of my favorite things about RATIO is how poignant and relatable the message is. Travel does teach compassion. I think just with exposure to new people and places, that's a natural result. 

But when I'm on a plane, or traveling a far distance, I also notice that my ideas just happen to get bigger. That can be productive and inspiring, and sometimes it can be kind of scary or uncomfortable. But I guess it's a good scary. It's confronting things and rethinking things that you may not necessarily think about every day. 

It's easy to get locked in to a sort of insular day-to-day grind. As much as I try to avoid that, it happens sometimes. I need to travel to just kind of rearrange my state of mind and step back from everything. I think I'm somebody that can find intrigue in really any place I visit, as long as its new to me. So in the end, for me, traveling to new places is both therapeutic and just plain fun as hell. Probably my favorite thing to do. 

"What's Your Best Travel Story?"

To be completely honest, the "best" stories I have don't necessarily reflect me the best. They're just crazy tales of weird and unusual escapades, and likely not going to do me any favors. Most of mine are the types of stories you have to share over a few drinks. BUT, I have so many amazing travel experience that don't necessarily make for a great story. Most of them would go something like, "I went to ___. Had incredible times and amazing conversation with both friends or family that I adore, and plenty of the same with complete strangers  I tried incredible food. Music was likely involved. And I took in all I could in the amount of time I had and live to tell the tale. "