6x6 photography printed on wood


RATIO is a social enterprise and lifestyle brand on a mission to create inspiring artwork.
Here is how we are building a global community through art, education and travel:



We sell travel photography which we call "visual vibes" because they are created using moments that remind us how we are all connected and alive with possibilities.

We print primarily on sustainable birchwood so that each print is as unique as the person holding it in their hands. 



RATIO with founded on the idea that travel teaches compassion.  

We us the term "collective consciousness" because we believe that we are all connected. Travel puts that notion into play. It shows us how although we may live different lives, when we can see the world through compassion we can understand that we are not all that different. 

thai students


We 'take' photographs to remember a moment, feeling or simply something we see that lights us up.

Since we take so much with these experiences, we feel it is important to give back to these places.

Therefore, RATIO donates 15% of the profit made back to a charitable organization focused on either education or human rights within the country any given images was taken.