A little on Tess Schuster

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Describe a moment you felt forever changed while traveling.

When I think of travel I think of big cities and beaches. However, in the Spring of 2016 I packed up my car with everything I owned and headed from my hometown of Ohio to my new home in California. On that adventure I had the opportunity to see all that falls in between the major populated areas and bodies of water. 

Don't get me wrong, I love exploring cities and relaxing with the waves crashing onto shore, but there was something so empowering about being surrounded by the natural beauty of our National Parks. 

I have been very fortunate to explore the National Parks even as a child, but I feel like as an adult I have an entirely new appreciation for the breathing all that fresh air and exploring on foot. 

Being in nature is like recalibrating your soul. 

Driving across the country and taking the time to explore the National Parks, tiny coffee joints and all the scenery as we sped by showed me once more how unique our country is and how important it is to stop and enjoy it all.