BREATHE IN | BREATHE OUT : 5x7 + stand

BREATHE IN | BREATHE OUT : 5x7 + stand


Amazon Rainforest, Peru
Photographer: Morgan Weidinger

As I sit down to write my thoughts behind this image, I begin to take deep, audible breaths with one hand on my heart and one hand on my stomach. I inhale to the very top of my lungs, feeling my chest rise. I exhale into the very bottom of my belly, feeling the front and back of my core meet. One breath after the other. Breathing in all that is good, and exhaling all that is no longer needed.

This instinct to breathe with awareness is the life behind this image of two combined photographs. It is a reminder to breathe in all that nourishes our body and mind, and to exhale all that no longer serves us.

Although I love the city and the movement that keeps it alive, being in the 55 million-year-old Amazon Rainforest that is home to species both massive and microscopic, takes me to a place of purity and excitement unlike anywhere else in the world I have ever been.


5x7 printed directly on 1/8" maple/birchwood
UV coating

wood stand included
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA

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