MR. NEPAL : 5x7 + stand

MR. NEPAL : 5x7 + stand


Bhaktapur, Nepal
Photographer: Morgan Whitney

I had the joy of exploring Nepal with a Nepali man named Mr. Nepal. Although I didn't ask him to prove his last name, he was sure to show me his ID card and sure enough, his last name was Nepal. 

For a week Mr. Nepal would guide us through the streets, restaurants, and markets while carefully explaining exactly what it was that we were experiencing. However when  it came to showing us spiritual sites, you could feel the serious joy in each carefully chosen word Mr. Nepal used to describe the history and meaning of every detail of the temple. He would even ask us to repeat what he just said back to him to ensure we understood correctly. 

Being around anyone with that much passion about anything is thrilling. Being with Mr. Nepal in Nepal as he explained to us that the journey in life is the purpose still lights me up and reminds me to enjoy every step.


5x7 printed directly on 1/8" maple/birchwood
UV coating

stand included
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA

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