MORAY (Incan Ruin) : 5x7 + stand

MORAY (Incan Ruin) : 5x7 + stand


Urubamba, Peru
Photographer: Morgan Whitney

Peru has over 2,000 types of potatoes and it may be thanks to agricultural laboratories like this one. Besides being a completely stunning site, it is believed the Incas used the unique design to experiment with agriculture.

Hearing how the Incas created this masterpiece and all that they were able to learn from the soil, temperatures, wind and sun at different elevations makes we wonder what we still have to uncover. I hope we continue to learn, grow and take care of our planet in the same way is does for us. 


5x7 printed directly on 1/8" maple/birchwood
UV coating

stand included
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA


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