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San Antonio, Texas, USA
Photographer: Morgan Whitney

When I first moved to San Antonio, I stayed in a hotel for about a week while figuring out where to permanently set up shop. I was staying on the Northside of town, and whenever I asked locals where to live, they usually always had a strong opinion. A few people told me to avoid a specific area just south of the city center, Southtown. I decided to check it out for myself; what I discovered was a part of town that was lively and rich in culture, with frequent events for the community to gather and to appreciate the city and one another. 

So, while continuing my quest to find a place to live, I decided to add a follow-up question when people told me to avoid a certain area: “When was the last time you were there?” Indeed, some people hadn’t visited those parts of town they were warning about for decades, but the memories stuck.

This is a great reminder to not let others' thoughts or opinions keep you from exploring with an open mind. Our backgrounds and experiences are what shape us; make sure to shape your own mind. 


11x14 printed directly on 3/4" maple/birchwood
UV coating
developed, printed and handcrafted in the USA

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