THE COLORS : 11x14

THE COLORS : 11x14


Sedona, Arizona, USA
Photographer: Morgan Whitney

Being from the Midwest and living in the South, I was so excited to take a ten-day road trip through the Southwest. The drive into Sedona was amazing. With each mile, we grew closer and I couldn’t get over how incredible the landscapes were. My road trip buddy kept saying, “Just wait.”

This photo, taken during sunset on top of Airport Mesa, was the moment my wait was over. The colors of the sky in relation to the red rock, along with the silence that came from being that high above the city, painted such a bold image. I felt grateful for that stillness. This photo takes me back to a very clean, colorful and meditative moment when the wait was over.


11x14 printed directly on 3/4" maple/birchwood
UV coating
developed, printed and handcrafted in the USA

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