A HEART-SHAPED WALL : 5x7 + stand

A HEART-SHAPED WALL : 5x7 + stand


Veracruz, Mexico
Photographer: Morgan Whitney

Do you ever travel to a place where the entire setting, the sights, smells, vibe, reminds you of a movie you've seen? This is how I felt in Veracruz and the movie Romeo & Juliet. I know the story takes place in Italy and Italy is not commonly compared to Mexico, but the longer I was there the more I felt this. Maybe it was the heart-shaped graffiti on the wall that I saw from my hotel window everyday that put the idea into my head? But I think it was so much more and I love that strange comparison. 


5x7 printed directly on 1/8" maple/birchwood
UV coating

stand included
developed, printed and hand crafted in the USA

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